Problem 1017 --Fortun e Test

1017: Fortun e Test

Time Limit: 1 Sec  Memory Limit: 32 MB
Submit: 36  Solved: 8
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A lot of people have played fortune Test(or called RP Test) before. Let ’ s create a new Test below.
Suppose the worth of a=1, b=4,c=9 … and z=26^2. Then abc can describe as 149,and abd describe as
1416. As it is too large ,we take it mod 101 as ours fortune worth. S o abd has only 2 RP. Now I give you
a name, please tell me the worth of it.


The first line of the input contains the number of test cases in the file. Each test case that follows
consists of one lines. each case contains only one string s specifying a person ’ s name, which only
contains lower-case .


For each test case, print a line contains the answer.

Sample Input


Sample Output